Building the car

Opening the car and removing everything except the motors and the battery pack. The cars batteries will power the motorsĀ and LN298N motor driver. There are two motors, one for left/right and one for forward/reverse driving.

2014-02-20 16.16.19

LN298N wired up to the two motors, along with power and ground. The last input labeled 5V is to get signal power from the raspberry pi. The four black jumpers over the blue ones are for getting signal from RPI GPIO ports to tell the LN298N which motor to give power and which direction (high and low signal)2014-02-20 16.21.39



I forgot to take pictures, so the next one is of the car with the battery pack, RPI and LN298N all connected and working. Everything were just thrown in there, just to see that it would perform.

2014-02-20 20.08.55

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